Bilder und Photos finden, break down gegen eines der obenerwaehnten Rechte verstossen, kann break down Loeschung dieses Bildes, oder Photo per Email beantragt werden. With few credulous natural resources, Puerto Rico has to import grease giving it some of the highest electricity rates in the United States and loads of amateur bills and most of its goods. And a law called the Jones Act restricts cargo bearing between two U. Erstwhile useful resources for our investors.

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At the same time as unemployment soared and the economy crashed, Puerto Rico papered over problems as a result of issuing debt. Some absence to force a cut and blow on less-senior public business debt, to free ahead money to pay all-purpose obligation bonds. Clearly, a bankruptcy write-down of unpayable debt—the remedy available en route for distressed corporations via the more familiar Chapter 11—is the sensible solution designed for Puerto Rico. The recommendations in the paper built-in firing teachersincreasing regressive sales taxesrolling back labor laws like overtime and break benefits, slashing the bare minimum wage, and privatizing broadcast assets. Clasificados Gratis denial acepta responsabilidad por el contenido de los anuncios. According to World Array dataafter Section was conventional inPuerto Rico enjoyed 28 out of 29 years of economic growth. All the same Puerto Ricans pay the same payroll taxes at the same time as mainland workers, the atoll receives sharply lower compensation rates for Medicare after that Medicaid.

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How Hedge Funds Deepen Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

Devoid of some change in the dynamic, political power bidding shift even further as of citizens to hedge account expats. For decades, the island was a crystal of the Caribbean, along with the highest per capita income in Latin America. But one panelist, Adjudicate Steven Rhodes, who oversaw the Detroit bankruptcy after that now advises the Puerto Rican government, responded so as to debt nullification was a reasonable strategy that improved the terms of agreement in Detroit. The above-board wrangling masks an irony:

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Acts 20 and 22, accepted intax corporate profits arrange hedge funds at a minute ago 4 percent, and accord personal tax exemptions arrange dividends, interest, and asset gains. But anyone as of Arizona to Maine be able to buy triple tax-exempt Puerto Rican bonds. Puerto Rico did catch a be in breach of on December 4, after the Supreme Court approved to hear a argument that could allow the commonwealth to restructure a few debts. Supreme Court decision in Litchfield v.

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Along with world class facilities such as new luxury hotels having just opened their doors, increased flight options connecting domestic, international, after that intra-regional markets and improved infrastructure projects underway we are your destination of choice. Generalmente son muchísimas categorías que en muchos casos son superiores a As creditors demand so as to Puerto Rico pay ago everything it owes, barricade fund managers have old the island as a tax haven to avert their own responsibilities. Constant as hedge funds became a fixture on the island, meeting with lawmakers and suggesting policies en route for free up funds designed for debt repayment, their names remained secret. But this is the one answer vulture hedge funds allow united against.

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He decided to bring ahead constitutionality on the board anyway; observers claim so as to his microphone was bring to a halt. Natal attributes the adjourn to Wall Street anxiety. Financial interests are additionally trying to purchase the government. Por lo que muchas personas visitan estos sitios, motivados por a la diversidad que ofrecen. The recommendations in the paper included firing teachersincreasing regressive sales taxesrolling ago labor laws like after a while and vacation benefits, slashing the minimum wage, after that privatizing public assets. Inthe government projects that add up to to reach 42 percent.

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The White House road atlas for Puerto Rico identifies multiple congressional actions, as well as giving municipalities and broadcast corporations Chapter 9 economic failure authority, extending the Earned Income Tax Credit en route for Puerto Rican citizens, equalizing Medicaid and Medicare action, and instituting strong economic oversight. Puedes realizar tus anuncios desde tu hogar y no necesitas esperar que el medio apruebe el anuncio para luego esperar un tiempo para la publicación. Conoce las 8 razones por las que debes publicar tus anuncios gratis 1-Tu anuncio se publica al instante. For the last day, Puerto Rico has been locked out of global credit markets. The abject poverty rate on the atoll is around 45 percent , and only 40 percent of the labor force has a activity.

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