The mixture will be the consistency of warm taffy. The parts will be very shiny and a little tacky after drying. Add together silicone fluid to adulterate. Sometimes, after bushing the matting agent on, you will see a a small amount of small white spots. This is how I associate my colors:

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At time, my husband helps as a result of pulling the eyes ajar, so I can accompany better where need en route for cut. Only paint all through the natural lighting of the day for finest results. Never use sealer that is more than 6 months old, before appears to go arrange thicker than usual. Argument lightly over silicone along with a makeup brush. Designed for lips, I dilute award, umber, and some Absolute blushing color with silicone fluid. For creases, I add some umber en route for the Final blushing color.

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It's completely non-toxic, odorless, after that colorless. After blushing the doll. Use your Silicone fluid to dilute the paint and make a nice watercolor consistency. Adhesive eyes and eyelashes all the rage place with the tiniest amount of TS Acetoxy Silicone. For squinty babies, you may need en route for trim the eyes along with a dremel tool all the rage order for the eyes to fit correctly.

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